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A Futuristic Approach...


General Characteristics

  • Engine
    Honda 50cc Engine
  • Fuel System
    Gravity fed Carburetor
  • Brakes
    Kawasaki 150cc Motor bike Disk Brakes
  • Transmission
    Chain-Sproket assembly
  • Tyres
    Honda CD70 Cross laced Spokes rims and 90/90/17 tyres
  • Steering
    GoCart steering
  • Chassis
    High Strenght Aluminium Alloy round Pipes
  • Body
    Moulded fiber glass

Be the change, you want to see in the world

Everybody desires a pollution free and green environment but their own car hoses emitt tons of pollutants every day. Nobody tries to rectify their mistakes. But we want to contribute our efforts, no matter how small and insignificant they maybe, for the betterment of the environment by making an environment friendly and fuel efficient car, with our limited resources but unlimited motivation.

Combustion and Thermodynamics

Honda GXV50The engine, Honda 50cc, is a single cylinder, over head valve and four stroke engine, with the compression ratio of 8:1 and displacement of 48 cc. It delivers net torque of 2.7Nm (at 4500rpm) and 2.5Hp (at 7000 rpm). It has a float type carburetor, forced splash type lubrication and semidry type air cleaning. This engine is very much suitable for our design as it weighs 18 kg with the dimensions of (9.8 in) x (11.3 in) x (7.8 in). Our fuel system comprises of certified transparent fuel tank feeding fuel to the carburetor simply by gravity. Incorporating the EFI system with the carburetor engine is also under consideration depending upon the time constraints.

Contact combustion and thermodynamics team

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design Designing an urban concept vehicle is a tough task. In the designing of Panthera, from conceptual drawings to professional 3D designs, safety and aesthetics was given equal importance. The vehicle maintains a conventional urban car look as well as adheres to the design consideration of low drag coefficient. Advance CFD analysis was used due to the unavailability of large section wind tunnel. A simple Go-cart steering mechanism is selected due to its simple and low cost design. Chassis will be made from hollow aluminum pipes for low weight. Four motor bike disc brakes have been selected for braking. Front and rear disc brakes will operate independent of each other as stated in the official rule book of SEM 2009.

Contact mechanical design team


ElectronicsElectronics so far incorporated in Panthera help control the simple systems like lighting and ignition. A starter motor has been incorporated to start the engine that orgionally used a kick to get started. More and more innovations will be introduced later to help improve the efficiency and hence the milage of the car. In addition team is also studying if EFI system can be integrated into the selected engine to improve perforamnce.

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