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Team Exodus welcomes you to its web site This web site is designed to be a platform for interaction between team exodus and all other people interested to know about this project.

We hope you enjoy your stay here...


Team Toyota participates in Team Reception by Toyota-Indus Motors Ltd.

Source:Salik dt:19-08-2009

Team toyota participated in the Team reception given by TOYOTA Indus Motors, proud sponsors of Panthera, at Indus Motors Head Office in Karachi. Among the estimed participants where the Top Managments of TOYOTA Indus Motors and Shell Pakistan. They congradulated Team Toyota on getting the honourable mention as the shortlisted team for the Marketing and Communication Award at the European Shell Eco Marathon 09, Germany and of being the first team from Pakistan to participate in the eco marathon.

Panthera now back in Pakistan

Aluminum Chassis Source:Webmaster dt:**-0*-2009

Panthera is now back in Pakistan. Co-Leader of team TOYOTA, Mr. Salik Hussain recieved the car at the Karachi port. The car has come home by sea so understandably it requires some minor fixes before it can be presented to local Media.

Team TOYOTA gets a special Mention in the Marketing and Communication Award

Aluminum Chassis Source:Webmaster dt:**-**-2009

Team Toyota gets a honourable mention in the Marketing and Communication Award as the team made it to the shortlisted teams for the said award. The Jury were very impressed by the efforts of the team to make this event popular among the local community in Pakistan and also at the result of having secured more sponsors than any other team from the country in the times of Global Recession and the detirioting economic and political conditions of the country.

Team TOYOTA off to Germany

Source:Khwaja dt:**-**-2009

Team TOYOTA is now off to Germany to participate in the European Shell Eco Marathon '09, Germany. Team will stay in Berlin for a couple of days and then after clearing the "Precious Cargo" will head to the eurospeedway Lausitz track to take part in the event.

Team TOYOTA participates in Shell Pakistan's Send-OFF ceremony

Aluminum Chassis Source:Webmaster dt:**-**-2009

Team TOYOTA along with the other three teams from Pakistan participated in Shell Pakistan Ltd.'s send-off ceremony. Present at the occasion were His Excelency the Councelor General of German Consulate in Karachi and Top officials of Shell Pakistan Ltd. and Toyota Indus Motors. All four teams presented their efforts before the guests. On behalf of team TOYOTA, team leader Mr. Khurram Aziz introduced the project followed by a presentation by Shahbaz Alavi.

Panthera to be Air lifted soon

Aluminum Chassis Source:Webmaster dt:**-**4-2009

All the formalities regarding the Air cargo of Panthera from Islamabad to Berlin have been taken care off. Car will now be lifted for Berlin in a couple of days.

Panthera ready to go

Aluminum ChassisSource:Webmaster dt:**-**4-2009

Panthera is now ready to be sent to Germany. Team TOYOTA feels proud at this moment of truth as the team's efforts and sacrifices seems paying off. Now the team is looking forward to solve the issues with the concerned people to lift the Precious Cargo off to Germany.

Team TOYOTA participates in HEC-STEM sponsorship awarding ceremony

Aluminum ChassisSource:Webmaster dt:**-**4-2009

Team TOYOTA welcomes HEC-STEM as their Diamond sponsors. Team participated in the ceremony where they were handed the sponsorship amount by the Chairman STEM, Dr. Sohail Naqvi. Also present at the occasion were Dr. Shoukat Hameed, Rector GIKI, Dr. Javed Ahmed Chattha, DEAN FME GIKI and Mr. Al-Hasnat Rasool. The event was also covered by local print and electronic media.

Team Exodus embraces the name team TOYOTA

Source:Webmaster dt:**-**4-2009

As a part of its commitment to TOYOTA Indus Motors, team Exodus will now be known as team TOYOTA.

Toyota-Indus Motor Company Ltd. Joins Team Exodus

Source:Syed Salik Hussain dt:20-04-2009

Toyota-Indus Motor Company has agreed to join team exodus as their premium sponsor for their project. Team exodus is extremely thankful to Toyota-Indus Motor Company for their helping hand and their support.

Aluminum Chassis Ready

Aluminum Chassis Source:Kh Umar Riaz, Haseeb Ali & Khurram Aziz dt:10-04-2009

Final chassis made of High strenght aluminum alloy is now ready. Couple of days of assembling will result in completion of the entire chassis and frame. Team is looking forward to the test runs of the new chassis once the assembling is complete.

Upper Body Ready

Body Source:Kh Umar Riaz, Haseeb Ali & Khurram Aziz dt:28-03-2009

Panthera's mould for upper body is ready now. Just a few days left in complete body ariving in GIKI for test runs. The Mould is manufactured by hand using steel sheets. It took almost a month to shape the sheets according to the required shape. Now this steel body will act as a mould for the fiber glass body of panthera.

Design Team Visits PAC Kamra

PAC Kamra Source:Kh Umar Riaz & Salik Hussain (Design Team) dt:28-02-2009

Considering the importance of establishing relations with the local industry, Design team visited the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra for the manufacturing issues of the upper part of the car. The visit was organized by the help of Dr. Javed A. Chattha (Dean FME, GIKI) and Air Commodore Sohail Saleem. During the visit, the design team visited the CNC Machine center at PAC Kamra and analyzed their system according to the task that we wanted them to perform for us.

Chassis Almost Finished

Chassis Source:Khurram & Haseeb dt:20-02-2009

Panthera's Chassis has been finially built. Its now ready to be driven with all the accessaries like engine, brakes and clutch in place. Following the news, the team members were filled with joy as this marked the first big step in the fabrication of our car, Panthera. Head of manufacturing, Haseeb Ali was congratulated by all the team members and the supervisior on his successfully meeting the deadline.

Shell Eco Marathon Inauguration Ceremony

Shell Logo Source:Khurram Aziz (Team Leader) dt:28-01-2009

Khurram Aziz (Team leader) and Syed Salik Hussain (Co-leader) participated in shell eco marathon inauguration ceremony held in Shereton Hotel, Karachi. In this ceremony, shell pakistan has formally announced to the media that this year four teams from Pakistan will participate in shell eco marathon, Lausitz Germany. A large number of media correspondants were present at the event.

Team Exodus Visits Lahore

Lahore visitSource:Syed Salik Hussain (Design Team) dt:25-01-2009

Team exodus visited Lahore to discuss the manufacturing issues with different skilled personnel. During the two day trip, the design team met many people who can be their potential service providers. The trip was a success as many competent people from the automotive industry shared their views with us regarding the manufacturing of the car.

New web site launched

Put some funny image hereSource:Kh. Umar Riaz (Webmaster) dt:21-01-2009

Team Exodus has launched his new web site featuring better interactive design and more detailed information than the previous version. This web site is aimed at providing a platform for different people to know what team exodus is up to in its project and what they need to do more.