Panthera--A Futuristic Approach

Team Exodus

Left to right...
Row 1: Salman Javed, Khurram Aziz, Kh Umar Riaz, Syed Salik Hussain
Row 2: Inam Ullah, Muneeb Tariq, Shahbaz Alavi, M. Haseeb Ali

Team Exodus at workTeam Exodus comprises of highly motivated and enthusiastic undergraduate students from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of engineering sciences and technology, Pakistan. All the team members have mechanical engineering as their major but a number of zealous volunteers having background in Computer Sciences and Electronics are also a part of the larger group making this project possible.

Team Division (students)


Team Leader Khurram Aziz
Co. Leader Syed Salik Hussain
Sponsorship Head Muneeb Tariq
Liaison Head Salman Javed
Press Head Shahbaz Alavi
Webmaster Kh Umar Riaz


Mechanical Design Team:
Syed Salik Hussain Aerodynamic Design & CFD Analysis
Kh Umar Riaz Aerodynamic Design & 3D Modeling
Salman Javed Suspension and Steering
Shahbaz Alavi Brakes and Tyres

Combustion and Thermodynamics Team:
Khurram Aziz IC Engine
Inam Ullah IC Engine
Haseeb Ali Fuel System
Muneeb Tariq Fuel System

Electronics Team:
Kh Umar Riaz Electronic Circuits
Khurram Aziz Electronic Components

There are a number of volunteers that are contributing to Panthera. Team Exodus acknowledges their support and is very thankful to them. Team Exodus are also very grateful for the entire GIKI community for their all-out support.