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We need your help!!!

We as a group of students are almost there, but without your support this dream cannot come true. Supporting us will give you a chance to give something back to the society. Support us and be a part of history.

You can extend

  • Monetary support
  • Technical assistance
  • Equipment donation
  • Any other way…

If you want to see the sponsorship package and general presentation about the project, please mail us. You'll soon recieve our email regarding the sponsorship package and presentation. We thank you for your support.


Panthera as a project does not only involve team exodus but it also invites other stake holders to join hands and be a part of making of history.

We are extremely thankful to our sponsors in this project. without their help and support, this project would never have been possible.

Premium Sponsor

Toyota Indus Motors

A friend in need is a friend indeed” is heard, said and taught a lot but when it comes to realize it only a few steadfast against the conspirators of selfishness and self-interest. Toyota Indus Motor Company has proved itself to be the most prominent of friends Panthera has had during the course of the project: Shell Eco Marathon of which team Exodus is a part of. As our partners the company has provided us with all the support needed to lead this project towards success. Economic, logistic, technical… you name it! Toyota Indus Motor Company is the fuel of this project apart from the efforts and skill of the team members. We, on behalf of the whole team, would like to thank and congratulate, by the core of our hearts Toyota Indus Motor Company for their stupendous and stunning support, especially, Mr. Shehryar Paracha, Mr. Atif Ahmed and of course the CEO Mr. Parvez Ghias for their relentless and “hesitation free” effort and help throughout the tenure of fabrication and manufacturing. Where on one hand they exponentialized our credibility by putting their trust upon us, then on the other, their constant check and “hunger to witness progress” has proved to be a driving force for us to work continuously and without fear to make ourselves ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Today we find ourselves appreciated, listened and looked up to; all this has been possible due to the never ending support of Toyota Indus Motor Company. May it keep on progressing and may it keep on serving the community by sponsoring research projects such as this, Amen.

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